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Water-bath thermostat chamber
Stand holder assembly for electrodes Headstage for anaesthetized animals
20 pA/mV
System for anesthetized animals:

Headstage for anaesthetized animals
2 pA/mV
System for awake animals:
Rat Hat preamplifier Commutator  9-pin or 15-pin connector cable to the FAST unit
Small parts:
Golden pins, bee wax, round sensor connector to RatHat, ref. electrode cable with a crocodile grip,
ref. electrode beaker holder, copper wire, fused-silica capillary with a Luer connector
Ag/AgCl reference electrode with a wire connector Ag wire for Ag/AgCl reference electrodes Holder for electrodes to facilitate electrode device assembly
Multi-site microelectrodes S2 type with two pairs of sensor sites:
S2 long paddle (for anesthetized animals), Nafion-coated or mPD-coated
S2 short paddle (for awake animals), Nafion-coated or mPD-coated

Glutamate sensors
S2 long paddle, Nafion-coated, immobilized Glutamate oxidase
S2 short paddle, Nafion-coated, immobilized Glutamate oxidase

Note: The ceramic microelectrode arrays are custom designed and comply only with the FAST 16 recording system.